Warrior 2 with Z-Stick
Awareness of Posture & Alignment
Triangle Pose
Familiar Yoga pose. The Z-Stick allows deep stretching for long durations.
Catchers Pose
Opening the Hips!
Catcher's Pose
In Nature, getting fed by good tree energy!
One of these 30 days we may visit nearby Ridley Creek State Park
Squatting poses help increase elimination and move toxins out the body.
Triangle in Dewgrass
Rain or shine. Remember, our comforts lead to our discomforts. Getting too soft causes problems for us.


The Z-STICK is exclusive to Zenhaling and comes in three Standard Lengths. Walk, Stretch, Strike & More!

Short– 48inches (Yang Training)

Medium- 60inches (All Purpose)

Large– 72inches (Stretch & Heal)
$47/ea or $94 For All 3:



The Big Stick: 80+ Inches For the Pro Athlete or Big Player.


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Zenhaling Sports Science Course on Vimeo For Athletes, Coaches, Teams, Trainers, More. Gain the Edge in Your Performance.

Download The Online Video Course and Start Learning!

Zenhaling™ combines the Zen Essence, Yogic Path and Martial Spirit with Breath, Meditation, Movement & Energy. Everyday Individuals to Competitive Athletes, Children and Seniors can access this LIFE SCIENCE & SPORTS SCIENCE knowledge and integrate it into their own personal Body Wisdom.

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Zenhaling has combined specific knowledge and exercises into a ZSportsScience Experience for Sports Teams, Coaches, Trainers and Athletes.


ALt Nostril breath

TIM KELLY- Zenhaling™ Founder
About Tim Kelly:
TIM KELLY is 50 years young and the creator of Zenhaling. Tim specializes in teaching Breathing and Mind-Body techniques to coaches, athletes and performers to enhance performance, cope with stress and anxiety and release internal pressure. 15 years ago, Tim was a beat up ex athlete who had experienced a ton of physical trauma, multiple surgeries breathe free move welland whose body was failing him. Determined to change that outcome, he embarked on a quest to heal his body, immersed in the Science of Yoga and Zen and emerged to Teaching Breathing, Meditation and Flexibility. Tim experienced self healing with that path and in turn wants everyone to realize that they have these “powers inside” too.

• Registered Yoga Teacher (200 Hours, RYT)

Mill Hollow Rocks 2015• 15+ Years Working in Operating Rooms

• Anatomy Training with Johnson & Johnson (Dr Aaron Ruelhauter)

• Over One Thousand Surgeries Witnessed.

• Anatomy & Ethics Training via Yoga Teacher Certification

• Bodywork Specialist

• Creator of Zenhaling™


Tim Kelly talks with Philly Sports Radio about Zenhaling



Zenhaling™ offers Online Instructor Training in Breathing & Meditation

Our passion is to make the information, techniques and exercises available to everyone. The Zenhaling™ training program was created to empower the large number of Personal Trainers, Occupational Therapists, Coaches, Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, Chiropractors, Dancers, Musicians, Teachers, Yoga and Martial Artists to teach the Zenhaling™ curriculum to the public and integrate the teachings into their own flow of work or personal practices.

Instagram Template Photo Online Video Course on Vimeo. Breathing, Mind Sharpening and Flexibility Training for Athletes, Coaches, Trainers and Performers.

$49/Buy      $9.99/Rent

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Breathing Wrap 3d The Art of Breathing DVD-$20

(All 5 for $60)


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Meditation Wrap 3d The Art of Meditation DVD-$20

(All 5 for $60)

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The Basics 3D Wrap flat Z-Stick Moves: The Basics DVD

(All 5 for $60)

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Next Level 3D Wrap Z-Stick Moves: Next Level

(All 5 for $60)

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Drills 3D Wrap flat Z-Stick Moves: Drills

(All 5 for $60)

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Z Train Manual cover Breathing & Meditation Certification (Online)

$275 (Includes Certificate of Completion)

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Pain Eraser Oil v2 Pain Eraser Essential Oil (Blend)

$15/ea $84/6 $144/Dozen

Pain Eraser Oil (QTY)