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Tim Kelly is 50 years young and the creator of Zenhaling. Tim is a specialist who teaches Breathing and Mind-Body techniques to coaches, athletes and performers to enhance performance, cope with stress and anxiety and release internal pressure. 15 years ago, Tim was a beat up ex athlete who had experienced a ton of physical trauma, multiple surgeries and whose body was failing him. Determined to change that outcome, he embarked on a quest to heal his body, immersed in the Science of Yoga and evolved to Teaching Breathing, Meditation and Flexibility. Tim experienced self healing with that path and in turn wants everyone to realize that they have these “magical powers inside” too.

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Tim Kelly Zenhaling Creator

Tim Kelly, Zenhaling Creator continues to heal after multiple surgeries and physical traumas.

After decades of competing in Violent Sports and in the Business Arena, stress began to take its’ toll on my physical body. Multiple Shoulder Surgeries. Stomach Surgeries. Hit By a Car traveling at high speed. Falling 3 stories from a house. More than a dozen Surgeries and counting. Actually, as reckless as life has been at times, I am lucky to be alive! My name is Tim Kelly. To look at me, I may appear to be your basic, healthy, average male. I originally discovered breathing in my high school years. My father was a black belt in Karate so I was familiar with kata, deep breathing, energy and force.

Tim Kelly Penn Charter High School 1982

Tim Kelly Penn Charter High School 1982

An Orthopedic surgery gone awry landed me in the hospital from November thru January 1982, almost killing me and testing my spirit and reserve. While I was lying in the hospital bed, I intuitively utilized Deep Breathing and Meditation. That experience taught me that I had a choice in my own healing. Since then, breath has carried me through trauma, competition, business…everywhere. When I struggle with life, I struggle with breath. I discovered conscious controlled breathing through Martial Arts. A diagnosis with High Blood pressure (1988) and my resistance to taking the prescription drugs that would lower my blood pressure but also could affect my ‘manhood’ led me to Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice. This opened a door to information that I previously did not know existed and exposing me to new tools that I could use at my disposal to combat stress, anxiety and at the same time build up the energy or chi in my physical body. I discovered the Practice of Yoga in the 90’s and have traveled that path as both student and teacher to this current moment.

Zenhaling demonstrating alternate Nostril Breathing. Nadi Sodhana clears the Nadis and helps to connect the Yin and Yang, Male and Female, Creative and Intuitive sides of our brain and physical body.

The Yogic path led me to discovering some of the secret breathing techniques that were available to only those individuals “in the know” and who were able to commit to The Yogic Martial or Zen Path. These Techniques have had a lasting effect on my physical body and has allowed me to completely stop taking prescription Stomach medicines for that previously I could not function without. Breathing has helped oxygenate and detoxify my blood, heal my Orthopedic wounds and rid the physical body of some of the Toxins . Instead of choosing the recommended shoulder replacement surgery just to be able to take a coffee cup out of the cupboard, I choose to heal.

Tim Kelly Zenhaling Creator

Tim Kelly Zenhaling Creator

I’m not always  ‘100% pain free’, but I am able to cope with the physical and emotional stresses with greater energy, flexibility and balance. Surely I am not guaranteeing the same results but do believe in the power of the breath and the effect it can have on the Physical and Psychological Body.

Air Strikes are a Z-STICK Training Drill.

Zenhaling Air Strikes are a Z-STICK Training Drill.

Zenhaling Personal Training includes Shadowboxing and Bag Training