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meditation Levitate1What is Meditation?
-Act/State of Mind/Practice
-Meditation is Pure Concentration:
-When the flow of concentration is uninterrupted, the state that arises is meditation.
-Training the mind to go inward to avoid fluctuating until it becomes absorbed. Absorbed into whatever object you are focusing on. Art. Sports. Third eye. A Mantra.  A Mudra.
-Meditation is generally regarded as Mind related yet is actually initiated by assuming a series of gestures with the physical body.
-Meditation is awareness. Zen work.

Yoga is using the breath to still the constant fluctuations of the mind.

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 Posture & Alignment is Key

Yogi, Martial Artist and Naturopath JoAnn D’Ambrosio Teaches a Walking Meditation

The Mystic OSHO speaks on Meditation.

Mantras are Healing Sound Currents Chanted in Meditation. Chanting a Mantra can vibrate and activate one of our Meridian Channels and help propel our Chi.

Master Mantak Chia Demonstrates some of the Power generated by these Healing Sound Currents.