Zenhaling™ Movement is influenced by exercises practiced within the disciplines of Yoga, Zen and Mixed Martial Arts. In addition to Yoga and Tai Chi, Zenhaling™ utilizes principles of Mauy Thai movement, training and conditioning.

Movement Card

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Walk, Stretch or Strike through Breath, Meditation and Movement!



The practitioner of Zenhaling™ will bring the attitude. Discipline can be acquired through practice and attention. Zenhaling™ aims at empowering and arming the student with the knowledge, so that they have the choice to responsibly utilize it and integrate it into their own experience and wisdom.


MOVEMENT can be anything that makes you flow into your own Meditation in Motion.

The Shaolin Monks also use Boxing as a form of Movement. Remember this the next time you are Shadowboxing or Training with the Bags.

Master Mantak Chia discusses inner workings of The Microcosmic Orbit

The Shaolin Monks also use Movement and Momentum for their own Air Strikes…The Butterfly Kick!

Martial Arts Movement can look and feel like Dance and ultimately becomes a Meditation in Motion.

The Following is Not part of Zenhaling Training but is pretty cool!

Shaolin Monk Training

We hope that your Zenhaling Training experience is a little better than this! Enjoy! Remember, Laughing is a Breath and Meditation and dispels internal pressure just like anger! Choose to Laugh.